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  1. I know there is a way to make groups on here. We just need to come up with a awesome name and not add anyone unless that person as a unanimous vote from all members.
  2. Brilliant bud, so when I have a hater ragging on me you slide into the ring and hit them with your title belt? Hehehe
  3. To tell you the truth this was a bright idea when I had when tipping a few back LOL. I have the idea, but now I really don't know how to proceed. LOL
  4. Sure, how does one go about doing that?
  5. Mr Andy, u wanna make a iwc click?
  6. Yeah he'd go good with Mark Henry or R Truth.
  7. Thought of you when I saw Slick in the ring. He was awesome and I'd say the 'E should sign him yesterday to manage somebody....anybody.
  8. Don't apologize. I've been around for awhile watching wrestling since a pup.

    That's Akeem the African Dream with his manger The Dr of Style Slick.

    Akeem is the One Man Gang. They changed him into Akeem during his old wwf stint. He was a top draw heel when savage had his first WWF championship run. He often tagged with the Big Boss Man and they were called "The Twin Towers"

    Need to know anything else shoot me a line dude.
  9. I'm sorry for my ignorance but my knowledge of WWE doesn't go much further back past Jericho's arrival. Who is that character you are using for your avatar and signature? His spasmic twitches are hilarious.
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