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  1. No worries buddy. I hope you don't mind that I wrote a small part for you so we could at least be on the show still
  2. Sorry dude... This place was the last thing on my mind...
  3. Shows going up and we never got started on the promo :/
  4. I'll bury you alive with her...
  5. I'll leave you alone in a room with Mae Young and let Santino watch the action!
  6. I'll feed you to ryback then let heidenriech do what he wants with the leftovers.
  7. I'll throw you into a casket and have HHH enjoy your corpse!
  8. I'll send a limo to pick you up to take you to the arena, then I will blow that fucker up with you inside!
  9. And I'll make sure to have some port-a-potties in the rafters so I can pour all that shit down and give YOU a good soaking! Dolph Ziggler style, beeotch! ;D
  10. I'll get a beer truck out and give you a good soaking!
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