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  1. Not a face. Not a heel. Dingo mac is fucking real! tweener. So basically I can be a cxnt to people and do shit a face wouldn't normally but still get cheers! But I can see ET getting made at what I said!
  2. I was about to say the same thing to you. Thanks, yours was great also.

    I have a prediction for my match. As we can't use spoiler tags in VM's, I just held enter for a few seconds (incase you wanna wait until after the match)

    Dingo is a face, and ET is a heel, right? So ET turns on Dingo, and we feud. At least I hope that happens
  3. Kash is posting show! Yaya. Nice promo by the way.
  4. okay


    I Appreciate it

    bye now

    i'll be bacl

  5. Hello

    That's all
  6. Hi

    like titties!
  7. Boo

  8. RAWWWWWWWRRrr!!!!!!!!!
  9. well good work hopefully it's done now.
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