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  1. I did it. But I'm probably going to have to do it again...
  2. Did you do your Carnage promo? Because I think - if you did - I deleted it.

    Have you got a copy
  3. Yeh you better run!
  4. ET: I'm not even going to waist my motherfucking breath on your motherfucking ass *blows green mist in Dingo's face and runs off to Pluto*
  5. Dingo: it didn't hurt because I thought I was punching my mate not your worthless ass. If I knew you would let go I would have thrown a real punch. Fucking crop circle making bastard
  6. ET: Fuck you, why did you take too long to throw a motherfucking punch??? Douchebag

    And it didn't even hurt
  7. Dingo: you stupid alien. Couldn't even hold him properly. Fucking cost us a win. Ass!
  8. So what if you're over? I'm a motherfucking Alien.

    Match Result

    Meh, I was close
  9. Well you arent getting my promo until at least tomorrow or the day after... So you may as well wait. Lol... He's the most over man in the match! lol
  10. Oh, well he's wrestling more as a face in EWA (for now anyway). I'm trying to decide whether I should start Carnage before I go, or just write it all when I get back...
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