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  1. True that.

    I can can see them waging a war for the ages.
  2. Not Shaz though... Shaz would kick his ass.

    Shaz vs. El Nemesis- that's some Once in a Lifetime shit.
  3. Fuck yeah he is.
  4. El Nemesis > All.
  5. I haven't even opened it lol... I'm too busy playing my ps3...
  6. I hope your Xbox rots in hell.
  7. I like you using it to. because it's easy to argue about it with you.
  8. Yeah I agree, I totally sucked at promos hahaha. I love using that nickname, best way to get I'Cing attention.
  9. BlackFalcon booked that lol. To be fair that was before you got really good at it. I think it would go the other way these days lol, but it's nice to have a title win over the best in the world
  10. But then again, it was Aloisick booking.
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