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  1. LOL! How sweet man.. whats the catch though chico?

    You want first shot at those titles when Me and Van win right? Haha!
  2. You were first my good man. You always come first!

  3. First Eddie.. now me? Has someone hacked your account bro? lol.
  4. Carlos is a beautiful man!
  5. Thanks man. I don't know why people get angry at that lol...

    I threw people of talking so much shit with Will and Dingo, but now He can be a twisted fuck with his magic.
  6. Yeah but people get upset with that one for some reason.. Haha.

    Welcome back anyways man! did not expect that character to return.
  7. Haha I'm pretty sure the clique sign is this # lol

  8. Haha! no problem bro, glad you liked it mate!

    *Clique sign*

  9. loved the little mention in your promo in IWA man...
  10. Indeed good sir
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