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  1. All good. I was more just letting you know since you probably get a lot of pms
  2. Cleared man.
  3. Your box is full dude
  4. We will be the Diva's champions, if you know what I mean
  5. Yep! maybe they will make those diva tag team titles for you guys
  6. The Pardy Boyz are serious competitors!... We will be champions!
  7. That explains it then lol! Hope you are not taking the Pardy Boyz gimmick to serious though

    Thanks for the comment anyways bro.
  8. it's five to five on a saturday morning... I came home from the drinking place... Robstar will never get my account
  9. LOL! Yeah course.. You just took me by surprise there B-Mac I thought Robstar had gold hold of your account or something.
  10. I knew my sweet talk would pay off! Maybe third shot. After you beat Kayfabulous and Damaged Goods. Then we come along and make those guys look like amateurs

    But seriously, can't a guy be nice without there being a catch...
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