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  1. We shall we shall. El Nemesis is here to stay! He's gonna dominate.
  2. Ha! Genius.

    I love the thinking.. let's do it.
  3. Haha quite possibly.

    Although we should definitely have him lose the mask eventually in the way he actually lost it. As a homage to him. You could even use the exact match as video for it.

    Mask vs mask match? We need Van too book it in APW.
  5. For sure. There will be no one to stop the greatness that is El Nemesis..
  6. Lulz! He's the future I'm telling you.. He's going to be huge in Mexico!
  7. Yeah mate.

    Okay, sounds good. Send it to one/both of us when you are done.
  8. Im about to go do it... This is the one shaz sent me on tuesday, yeah?
  9. Bro, any news on that promo mate?.
  10. Yeah.. thanks for that mate.
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