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  1. MyphonE typed weird
  2. I honestly have absolutely no clue what you just said...
  3. Even if I do rage first get the pm last. I'll be done before the last two people. IThinkYourRight tom
    ywoulddisagree btw!
  4. *Shakes fist*

    No way! You gotta finish Redemption first! YOU DELETED THE PM

  5. The only way a fiasco will occur is if ihavent finished my rage stuff when you finally send me it!!!
  6. I never received an apology from you after you so rudely deleted my PM. I'm refusing to work with you until I receive it.

    Nah, PM's are comin' yo way Twan! And there ain't gonna be no fiasco! 1: I write the show 2: Waiting on 2 others
  7. How do you expect me to write your promos when you haven't told me what they were since I asked for them again? Lol don't want another fiasco...
  8. What? Getting drawn back in? Yeah I know.

    Every like 3 videos its some fucking old fat hairy fuck whipping around his tallywhacker. That's why I always block my eyes
  9. I gaurentee you will see stuff that changes your mind about that...
  10. I don't wanna go on Omegle... yet... it keeps drawing me back in.

    CURSE YOU AYS!!!!!!!
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