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  1. What would you do if I told you that you look better than the sunrise on a summer morning?
  2. I'm gonna try and get giddy and kj the promos they asked for. I still have to do some others as well...
  3. Ahh that sucks man!

    Hope you can get back into it more, we had some great plans for your characters in HWA in the near future.
  4. Im alive... But I'm not as appealled to here as I once was...
  5. Are you alive mate?! Barely seen you around these here parts in ages!
  6. Fuckin' Giddy.

    I'll PM you now
  7. No? I did not
  8. Did you get Giddy's PM about Anarchy dude?
  9. That is true.
  10. Haha, true! But we all have social lives, so it's fine by me!
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