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  1. I'll PM it to you
  2. That I never got to read. Apparently me using him even in a one off situation annoys people...
  3. Hahaha, he will remain the final promo for HWA!
  4. I thought I would write something for my character to be the last person to use him...

    Also I wanted to knee someone in the groin and I don't like doing that to random characters that aren't mine... Except DJ and triple j...
  5. Cheers man
  6. happy birthday
  7. Eddie is a pretty sexy man... lol
  8. Hahahaha, if you say so B-Mac.

    Because I'm Eddie.
  9. I don't know what you are talking about, I am always a true gentlemen!

    Why are you so pretty even with the lights on?
  10. I'd ask what you want because you're never that charming B-Mac!
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