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  1. Now i gotta go tell roaddogg everything you have said today. If you'll excuse me...
  2. Indeed it is Joker. Indeed it is.
  3. Shoes on the other foot now Bats!
  4. This is SO reminiscent on how we started talking with each other in the first place haha!
  5. I do my job so well you automatically assume I'm making it up, just like Rob. I'm disappointed detective bats
  6. I see, I see. Go read my explanation lol. It makes things a bit more clear.
  7. I've been watching you for a long time now R(ob)...
  8. It would have helped I guess if I read in that thread first I guess lol. I've been busy writing and haven't really been on the board. Didn't even notice anything. I'll go see now.
  9. Well, Bats... As i eluded to earlier, i'm the guy the wwe hires to monitor your posts.
  10. What'd I do now, Joker?
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