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  1. Did you like that Promo?
  2. Oh I have the place for dingo to be when he finds out about his partner. Should have that for you either tomorrow or the day after.
  3. Lol, I'm going to put Dingo in a "New Comers" match... Oli and Karl Panzer vs Istvan Gretzky and Spencer Churchill vs Dingo Mac and Extrarerrestrial.. Obviously Dingo and ET are a random pairing, so make Dingos feelings about that be known. I need Dingo to do a skit where he is in a location of your choosing (away from the arena), and it will be portrayed as a prerecorded message... Impress me, bruv
  4. LEt me know what sort of Promo you want and I'll work on something for you! I really enjoy writing them lol
  5. Oh yeah, I almost forgot I was in JBW..
  6. Well either way, it's hilarious!
  7. I'm gonna need a promo from you soon, so be on your toes, cobber!
  8. Lol, that pic was by 'sick, but I kinda prodded him in the right direction lolol!!
  9. I saw the E-WF Sticky. I enjoyed your picture!
  10. I signed up to the site
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