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  1. Well, It's probably best I don't wake her up.
  2. All depends if she awakens or not lol
  3. Why do you assume I can't stop myself from teasing people? because I can't.

    I'm waiting for crazy Ashley.
  4. She is as hilarious as sleepy Ashley
    Hahahaha i was waiting on that lol
  5. Well that sounds like it could interesting. Crazy Ashley sounds fun... I hear Dennis Digs Crazy Chicks I kid of course.
  6. Ohhh i won't
    Ashley goes crazy when schoolwork is not completed
  7. Only the nice ones I imagine. I don't see you putting up with nonsense on a day you're working through school stuff
  8. Oh it is lol
    I am gonna just drink tea, work through it and stay on here to maybe get a giggle and talk to some of you guys
  9. What a joyous group of subjects...
  10. It is health and social care and then psychology
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