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  1. Rymac: I have like 2 weeks before I compete and win in the battle royal before DFI, I think I'll be right after one night out. Why are you mad at me?
  2. Juno: Sure..Fine..I am a hard worker so i am working even harder
  3. Rymac text : I care. I'm just having a good time... How was the gym? xox
  4. Juno: Fine.. Text or call when you care
  5. Rymac: yeah, we just hanging out having some fun making sure the club is running smoothly.
  6. Juno: Oh okay.. I thought that was the main reason you had not text or called since yesterday afternoon.. Nothing, just finished my session at the gym
  7. Rymac texts back: oh hey, what's up Juno, I'm out with D at the club ATM. what's doing darling?
  8. *Juno finishes her session in the gym and texts Rymac*

    Juno: Hey..
  9. Juno: See... only you
  10. Rymac: of course
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