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  1. Sorry, I was writing that blog... and my female friends were interesting me with conversation haha. I didn't know what to say really.. I didn't want d-boy to totally dominate the promo.
  2. I did want to do it soon lol I just want
    ed to see
    whar you would come up with on your o
    wn first lol
  3. No, do you want to do it tonight or something? I accidently deleted bears message.
  4. Man, have you started that promo?
  5. Sank you muchly.
  6. hahahhahaha
  7. My wall. You read it now..
  8. alright good good... I have two things due on friday... R(ob) wants a blog every friday hahahahah
  9. Yeah. You can go ahead and start on our homework an send me something to work on.... I have work in like 20 minutes so in our of here...
  10. haha sorry, I forgot... did you get our assignment?
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