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  1. You make yoke?
  2. Oh yeazzz I believe I did see the Canadian destroyer

    And no Christian York

  3. Very true...

    One of my favorite X Matches of all time. It set up the lead into Joe vs. Styles vs. Daniels at Unbreakable and even though Petey lost, this is what I remember the most about the match.

    And for the awesomeness that is the Canadian Destroyer, we have the following...

  4. Not if Petey Williams has anything to do with the conversation.
  5. Because we all know you're track record of saying random shit at a moments notice
  6. I know my TNA product lol ...

    Why would anyone ever doubt me?
  7. I know, but for me to admit fault is out of character and I am not in the eFeds so I am not admitting it...

    But you're right though; I had to check the TNA website and it confirmed Dutt not York.
  8. The words literally came out of JB's mouth... Dutt is suppose to be in the qualifying match.
  9. Well fine then...

    And yeah, Pearce won as expected but it seemed to have some time behind the match so I am interested to see it on Thursday
  10. I'm literally just going to go watch it again right now.

    Watching it....

    Sunjay dutt has to win against mason Andrews and Peter in the qualifying match.... This week on impact...

    I assume that match will be pretty decent. I expect Pearce wins?
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