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  1. Hey bro. If you could get me that Riggs promo asap i would appreciate it!
  2. here it is
  3. Hey how goes the promo between you and Dave? Any idea when I'll get it?
  4. beark when will it be up?
  5. Go read the ICW thread. You'll see I don't need one from JJ or Kryp, but your welcome to do one if you want
  6. Of you need a promo, i'll have it tomorrow?
  7. Monday is the date, but if i get everyone's promos, it'll go up sooner
  8. Brork! When is Bad Habit ?
  9. What are you talking about bro??? I had you in it. I posted your match. Keep an eye out for the ending of the show as I have something interesting for you and 4 others
  10. beark why am i not in the ICW tournament? thats shitty
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