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  1. Thanks for the heads up dude!
  2. OK good man, just letting you know since Robstar told me to tell all of y'all
  3. Aight, I don't normally, but I'll keep an eye on it!
  4. Bro, no more saying the "C Word" or else it's an automatic ban.

    Not sure if you're one of the ones who says it, but I thought you were, so just letting you know.
  5. I've already watched it.

    Average at best.
  6. I feel the need to post that 1D parody on your wall again...
  7. Keep that shite off my visitor messages!
  8. Screw Well Land! Well VILLE is where it's at!
  9. Apparently not little man!

    But yes, all's well in well land. Lmao.
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