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  1. So we can start when you're ready again
  2. Its a good thing you are in fit and keep working out.
  3. Haha fair enough man! Nice to have some freedom.

    Nah man, I stopped quite a long time ago! I still work out at home every now and then- but I'm not as dedicated to working out as I used to be.
  4. The best thing that I've done besides engaging, is having my own apartment.

    I can to what i want when i want

    Still boxing mate?
  5. Engaged?! Haha, congratulations man!

    I haven't thought about getting my own apartment or anything yet, but I have been saving up just in case.

    And bloody hell, that must be grim haha! Better not be the finger where that ring is supposed to go In terms of work, I'm living the dream bro.. my cousin's local shop.

    Good to see you're doing well though man!
  6. Well i got engaged, its been two years. I have my own apartment. Three weeks i go i crushed my finger in a machine in work. I needed surgery but I'm ok now, have to be more careful. I work in a confectionery btw
  7. I'm good at the moment bro. I've been working, still with my girlfriend. Nothing's bad at the moment.

    How's life mate?
  8. Two years i think, that long. I'm good man, how about you?
  9. Hows it going bro? Not spoken in ages!
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