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  1. Sweet, thanks man!
  2. Yo Tommy, promo is sent in two parts, the first is titled Torture disorder promo (1/2) but the second comes under the title Re: Torture promo, and I only send it to you. However, I made a new PM for the rest to follow.
  3. Ah fair enough, could have been me that just miss-read what you said
    No worries man, was just checking since I couldn't see them in my inbox when I thought they were there
  4. Either I posted drunk nor I made myself clear, as I haven't written a single line yet. However, I intend to do so immediately.
  5. Hey man, have you sent your promo assignments in yet? I'm sure I read in the thread that you'd done them but they're not in my inbox...
  6. Jeez, I keep forgetting. And requires digging, as I have no idea what to say. Not feeling like digging. Not feeling anything, to be honest.
  7. Any movement on 'that thing'?
  8. Hmm, maybe Cool man
  9. If "that thing" involves past digging with a certain third party, I've totally forgot. I'll try to deal with it ASAP.
  10. Hey man, you going to get on with 'that thing' soon? Been a while since we rolled that ball along
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