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  1. Nudge nudge look at pwr page xd
  2. Thats what i keep thinking
  3. The more I keep looking, the more I laugh.
  4. This maybe the funniest thing ever lol
  5. As I said, commas are tricky. They don't affect the promo quality, they just make the reading harder.
  6. Also sorry about lack of commas, it was meant to im be them instead of periods. Hope that doesn't affect promos to much
  7. You're welcome, my bro. You know I have no problem explaining
  8. Thanks for explanation, good to see the insight
  9. Missing your E fed show check out the BTB THBK plus theres ECW Revival good reafs
  10. Grind not exactly sure, personally I started new job so I havent been as activebut im sure Krysys or TT they might know more
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