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  1. Thanks I was dun4 tore up for my bday lml
  2. Happy Birthday Chunky, have a good one!
  3. Ok cool bro, just use the imagination aspect of it fellas lol
  4. Yo Chunk, I got your PM bro, I'll speak with Shaz about it and get back too you.
  5. Your inbox is full bro. So here's my reply: Great job, Chunky. Well done man! I like the name of the World Class Club too.
  6. Yea I sent it yesterday to shaz
  7. Bro, did you send your promo to Shaz or Zero?

    Last i heard, yours was the only one missing I believe.
  8. Then let me know man. We can understand if we know, bro.

    Look, don't worry, if you have stuff going on.. you got to deal with that and it's more important. Any issues or if you need some time away, let me know alright? We can perhaps help if we know.
  9. My bad I just got a lot on my goin thru a little issue right now
  10. Bro, you the missed the promo deadline.
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