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  1. Dude, have you received that promo yet?
  2. no problem buddy
  3. Cheers for sending the rest of the promo along
  4. Just replied man
  5. You get my pm bud?
  6. Hey man noticed you was playing Fifa street when i signed online, just wondering if it's any good or not?. i played the demo and i was quite impressed but not sure how long i could play it without getting bored. Let me know your thoughts dude!
  7. Hey man! did you see the message i left in the WWE fed?. I understand you have been busy with school/college so dont worry about the promo man, i have said to a few others the same.. are you sure you have the time to be in this fed tho as thats more important! Hope you do as the characters you have picked are very different and interesting!
  8. Hey man, can you please check out the WWE-Fed thread and then do the following please!
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