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  1. Wat up bro , nah I haven't yet , I gotta see datt . I knew verb wasn't going to really retire for like the 2nd time lol
  2. Verb Von Doom kinda did Brizz a bit nasty despite Brizz putting in that work.

    Great battle. Seen it yet?
  3. What's goodie?
  4. Depri$e tour promotion for the ppv will start. all will be @BITW2 lol
  5. yes , been waiting for your return. cant wait .. and i said a little piece about my thoughts on my match on pg 177 discussion thread
  6. Depri$e is booked for BITW II: The Coffee Went Cold So We Made A Fresh Pot.

    See the discussion thread for more details
  7. Ur iinbox is full brothaman
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