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  1. Little bits not to sure been watching red vs blue
  2. Yes, I'm alive lol.

    You seen Daredevil yet? That shit owned big time.
  3. Aye ur alive how u been
  4. Kash I need your bio for ngw
  5. So hey I got another person in creative but still need people to join wrestler or creative or both get word if u can
  6. It's up man now let's see who bites
  7. Happy belted b day bro
  8. Honestly the one I'm excited for is GOTG . Then x men days of future past at least on marvel side.

    Im more into DC. Hence Kid Justice in (RTE)
    But they are making a Teen Titans movie so I'm very excited about that one.
    I'm interested to see what Robin they do.

    DC The Flash show I'm excited for too I kinda like the actor they picked. Flash is fav hero 2.

    As for Thor... Avengers kinda pissed me off by naming James Speader as Ultor REALLY? Paul Bettney an underrated character should turn Jarvis into Ultor. Bettney is in Transcending looks freaking sweet.

    Batman vs Superman I like Ben A. So I'm happy with all the casting honestly. Irons, Affleck, Jesse E. love it... I hate superman though.
  9. I saw the after credit lol because I thought it was brad Pitt at first
  10. Beautiful by the way I got more info on it. I would love for you to be involved to man
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