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  1. Everything is good man! Thanks for asking!
  2. I'm good, seƱor holy one.

    Hope oe you and the family are doing well.
  3. BRRRRUUUUHHHHH!!!!! How's it hanging?
  4. I've no idea.

    I'm doing good, man. Ma$$ has taken up residence in HWA these days. Not sure if he's welcome, but you know me, that's never stopped me before
  5. So tell me why I JUST got your message from Dec 12??? Seriously the boards were fucking up majorly anyways I'm doing good how about you?
  6. Ho-Zay!! How's you dude?

    Also, can't see the JBW post you just dropped because of the messed up boards right now.
  7. I'm good, mi amigo! Great in-fact! Work is going well, and I am bringing back BITW. Obviously The Holy One will be booked for the first card back
  8. ka$h how goes it buddy! Hope all is well!
  9. JabeBox dude..
  10. I am there!
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