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  1. Thanks EHC, really appreciate it again, looks great!
    Yeah I read the results for that show and it seemed very meh haha!
  2. Raw sucked last night so I worked oN the poster
  3. Awesome, thanks EHC! All the best to you and the family over the holidays too!
  4. Ok, will get it done. Have a very Merry Christmas man
  5. Oh yeah man, whenever you have time it would be really appreciated if you could do one fr us again! Thanks man!
  6. Need a poster for the ppv coming up?
  7. Ever need to talk about getting thru what happened with your friend just let me know man. It's really just a slow process. Like I said, years later i , we'll my wife and I, are still trying to get over a friend's death.
  8. Thank you EHC, I really appreciate the words of comfort. I did feel as if certain people were making me feel bad which I wasn't at all happy about. However, I didn't have time to react or respond to those comments as I obviously had much more important things to take care of and didn't have time to spend online responding to such ridiculous comments.
    The thought of losing someone so young, especially someone younger than myself, has never crossed my mind and it'll take a while for it to sink in properly. Thanks again for the kind words man.
  9. First I want to say how sorry I am for your loses in your life.
    As for you apologizing in the PWR thread for not posting or forwarding stuff for the show, it's something you did not have to do. Real life, family, friends always come first. No one should make you feel bad about not having time to mess with fed things.
    And again, sorry for your loses. I know losing a friend that young is hard. It's something that takes time to get over, I am still not over a friend's death from a few years ago
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