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  1. No worries, I did cheers.
  2. Wade, hope you had a good Birthday mate, sorry I was not online to pass on my best wishes on the day.
  3. Ha! Cheers chief.
  4. I think that's enough fuel added to your thread by me I'll allow the masses to strike the match now Ha!
  5. Ha! Cheers chief.

    I know, right? I'm sure he would have liked that one lol
  6. Hahahahahaha, good analogy. Where is Akkie when you need him?
  7. Yeah I get you bro, totally. It's a shame. It is what it is now though, I'm afraid. Occasionally some conversation goes on, some days there's nothing. It's basically like watching Arsenal and being a fan of them. One day it's decent.. another day you wonder why you bother
  8. Oh absolutely, it's just a shame the forum has become so dead even minimal discussion is hardly a thing. Believe me if this place was even remotely busy I would never have looked elsewhere.

    Good to hear, no prob chief.
  9. I decided against leaving- I couldn't be bothered with the hassle and the feeling of starting again to be honest with you Ha! So it was either stay, or be done with wrestling forums full stop. Flipped a coin and decided to stay.

    Yeah I'm well man, thanks for asking
  10. Aye other forums are generally shite. I'm good thanks pal, how about you?
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