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  1. Your inbox is full
  2. thanks buddy, im glad
  3. No need to apologize man. You said that you were having some issues and needed a break away from it, so it's all good!
    I'll let the guys know to see when/where we can work you back into things!
  4. Hey buddy, sorry about everything all that time ago, along with real life problems my internet was acting up for a long while, but everything is more or less sorted now, so if its possible i can return to everything
  5. I'm going to take your silence as the answer to my question. I find it very rude to be ignored though, and I'd appreciate an answer from you if possible.
  6. Hey man, I forgot to mention yesterday, if you want to vote on Threat of the Net, then you have until Thursday to do so
  7. Ok, thanks man.
  8. i can sure try my best, ill inform you if i cant though
  9. So you are able to do a promo every week if needed?
  10. i can probably pull one out during this week if you need
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