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  1. Well of course I know would not set out to make anybody upset or the sort. I just felt that Tommy should have not had to apologize for putting real life first. I didn't mean it as a dig at anyone, I just know what he is going thru losing people close to him. I know you know what he is going thru too.
    I guess I should have chosen my words better
  2. "No one should make you feel bad about not having time to mess with fed things" - Your comment's on Tommy's wall was brought to my attention by someone else.. Out of interest, do you think that's what I did?

    I only ask because clearly I was the most vocal about the situation and I'd be interested to see what you think. Feel free to message me back, EHC.
  3. My Grandparents are the same, so I understand dude. Don't worry about this and focus on your Dad and family bro, this will be hear when you are ready to return.
  4. Thanks man, means a lot. The doc had said awhile back he would be in and out of the hospital and we knew it would be soon again.
  5. That sucks.. Sorry to hear that man. Thoughts and prayers are with you bro. No problem, we will not do anything else until we hear back from you mate.
  6. Things arent looking good with my dad.Best to write me off for a bit.
  7. Ah it's fine man, don't worry. We have the promo and that's the main thing- Good job bro.
  8. It went thru with Firefox- I forgot to format it though because I figured it would fuck up again- anyways you and Shaz have it- sorry for it not being colored and stuff
  9. It's affected others too man- So annoying Ha! Try again bro. If it continues to mess up, we will edit it mate, don't worry.
  10. fuuuuuuckkkkkkk! lol- this site is messing me up again sending in my promo- its jumbling it all together. I will try another browser
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