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  1. 13 n 14 up xD
  2. Thats no problem man when u can
  3. Yea I have written up to like ep 23 i think i kicked like 5 eps in one night lol I had a Negan like moment for The BTB i hope urs does pick up soon cant wait
  4. Alright dude, cool. I'll check them out once I'm on here for a little while.

    I'm not really sure what to do with mine- I'm tempted to carry on with my ECW one from a while ago. It's a lot easier to book with less time.
  5. Now 12 is up
  6. When ur back ep 10 & 11 are up 12 might be as well
  7. You are good man next post will turn page
  8. Plus I was flirting with idea in my btb of a wrestler having the gimmick so ty tho
  9. Felt it be cool to bring Deception back and Bres gimmick thought was different something we havent seen before
  10. I like the look of the characters you have signed up with in E-WF bro. I'm especially looking forward too seeing how you get on with the Irish merc for hire, should be cool.
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