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  1. Emptied out.
  2. Your inbox is full man.
  3. Cool, yeah absolutely better be safe than sorry
  4. Alright. I just thought it was one of those 'better safe than sorry' moments., lol.
  5. I was under this impression and the show's been booked with her in it, so yeah, no worries there.
  6. How are you? Just wanted to get in touch to say: We ARE clear on the fact that Sasha Panzer IS coming back around with Ano Doom still of course right?
  7. Go right ahead.
  8. Got a minute to maybe talk about the Sasha gimmick tweak briefly brotha?
  9. My shit'll be in tonight def; don't worry.
  10. After giving it some thought-I'd say interview is perfect to fully make use of her new bizarre, out there, surreal side. Maybe even a sitdown, if possible.
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