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  1. Btw... I wasn't trying to go off or seem upset the other have to realize I wasn't even home when you sent me that so I literally never had a chance to do anything...
  2. Where are you, brother? Lol I've been in touch about the themes earlier and still no reply.
  3. I haven't even showered from work yet brother...and am still eating, and haven't even been here for two hours yet wasn't even an hour between your original message and that visitor message either please, I'll holla when I can.
  4. Can u write ur promo part so i can start plz
  5. Man send me your part of the debate lol I wanna read it.
  6. Alright boy that shit just got sent to you and them otha dudes too, Ashley as well.

    After me! Lol
  7. Ok cool man
  8. Lol you'll be waiting all weekend then.
  9. Yea you seem to like that however my promo makes more sense if you go first
  10. You can go first ahead of me btw then. Certainly by all means don't wait on me. Besides then I'll be that giant son of a bitch gettin ' the last words lol
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