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  1. Don't you know me? Half of me IS ridiculous nonsense just for the laughs of it lol...

    Right though...
  2. Well its cleared just stop bull shitting before you enter my paradise of peace
  3. Lovely! Lol good luck with that.

    Uh, I hope all is well, with the niece, and your new career...crazies around every corner.

    I was Just apologising personally though and figured it would be a time to catch up... I'll Just stand right here, watching for the unwanted...
  4. Yeah keeping the weirdos out
  5. Your shit's
  6. You're welcome playa.
  7. Thanks man
  8. Interesting and compelling stuff.
  9. I've just recently seen and read it already, thank you.
  10. Look in your inbox
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