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  1. Thanks. Totally didn't realize
  2. Already done bud
  3. Hey I need you to post your bios by tomorrow please
  4. hey if you are on, come to the cave
  5. Kudos on the promo bro! Good stuff
  6. Comfirming I received your PM
  7. Hey I'm sending this message out to everyone who I gave promo assignments to, as it came to my attention that some the PMs might not have gotten to people. Not sure if it is because of the change in the server, or what, but I'm just double checking you got the promo assignment that is due for Wed. Please let me know either way
  8. Thanks crick
  9. Just wanted to wish ya a happy birthday bro
  10. Hey, I posted something in the IWA thread, for those who most likely won't have a match for DFI. I'm repost it on everyone's walls so I know everyone has seen it.

    Now, to bring in the next point. Within the next 2 chaos's, all of the matches for destined for immortality will have been announced and official. If you don't have a match, or are not embroyled in a feud right now, will be showcased in a pre show battle royal. I will determine the winner of this battle royal, based on ICing. So even if you don't have a feud...IC IC IC IC IC!!!
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