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  1. I'll do that now.
  2. When we gonna get those scores for the NBA pick em round 1?
  3. I saw it earlier. I tried to put in my selections but phones and this site don't like each other. Lol

    I'll try post my picks again.
  4. Understandable man.

    This isn't anything that you'd have to really participate in though. You would just put in your character, and he would get randomly assigned a team, and from there he'd just follow that team's path.

    But that's fine. Hope everything is well with you.
  5. Sorry bro, I'm just not into anything efed related anymore. I was supposed to do one last match with Dennis' "D-Boy" right before the JBW got closed and R(ob) got banned but since that situation went down I just lost all interest in anything efedding related.
  6. Hell yeah after that elbow he should have been suspended for the whole playoffs and into the next season. I was hoping for the Lakers to face the Grizzlies the first round. Gasol vs. Gasol would have been awesome. Yeah I hope we can beat the Pacers, but if we don't do good against them I have a feeling that Howard will be gone sometime next year.
  7. Yeah I've pretty much gotten used to it.

    I think they can give the Pacers a fight, even without Howard. The Lakers probably have this series, I just hope it goes to at least 6 games so we can have Artest back for round 2. Even though I honestly think he shouldn't even be allowed back in after what he did. That hit was viscous.
  8. Lol, I didn't even notice I did it this time. I need to remember to go to "view conversation" before I respond.

    I hope they do, but it is not looking good for them right now. I'm just hoping that my Magics don't get knocked out in the first round, or even worse swept. No Dwight os No Good.
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