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  1. I jusy saw ur vm ill try n finish 2 nite
  2. I will try to strt off tonight or tomorrow on our assignment. If we don't get it out the way before Tuesday I won't be able to do anything until the day before Thanksgiving
  3. Alrighty.....
  4. Your be ep 3
  5. Would like too but will not have the time tonight. Have to bring my boss to the airport at 4am. So this one may just be easier you, Tai then me considering I am the last in line
  6. Im gonna write mine tonight if u wanna back n forth after give me shout
  7. Thank ya. Its always nice working with someone I never have worked with before
  8. Good promo man
  9. Will do when i get home. Some good stuff man.
  10. If you wanna answer what I wrote just let me know man
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