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  1. No prob mate.
  2. Thanks mate! Glad you liked the show Appreciate the review.
  3. Part-1

    You started with a nice opening video package highlighting the action of the past weeks. The Authors of Pain draw heat making them top heel team in NXT and one of the favorites for the tournament and now they are 3. Great promo from Rhyno. I'm expecting to see him facing Kruger with some stipulation for their match. Nice promo for the girls but Asuka video stole their moment there, I can't wait to see her in action. Easy win for Rhyno. The build up for this feud continues with this segment after the match. Good job with Kruger he looks disturbing at times. Honeslty i don't know who is Rich Swan. I think Apollo still needs to sound better on the mic, he also has problem in the real WWE as well. Cool match for NXT Respect should be fun.
  4. Part-2

    Nice tag match i was expecting some sort of interference from Tye. Excellent promo from Bayley nice way to end the show showcasing the women's division in NXT. Honestly I hate Nia Jax name they should have gave her someting better.

    Overall a great and lengthy(which is something really good) NXT show. Great tage team action, but the women stole the show on mic. Keep them coming bro.
  5. Sounds awesome man Nice one mate.
  6. It was great mate, a tour in the Ionian Islands.

    Yes I'll give it a read later today!
  7. No worries bro, hope you had a good time?

    I don't think so mate, it was just an NXT Episode. When you're ready, let me know what you think.
  8. Hey I'm just back from vacation, I was gone for 10 days. As soon as I can I will read the show. Have you post anything else since I left?
  9. I just posted an NXT episode mate! Have a look, see what you think.
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