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  1. WWE Impact Superstars of the year: 1990

    Hello fellow internet dwellers, my name is Earthquake (or David lol) and I am going to (try) get a little blof published on Breakthrough Superstars of the year from 1990 until present day. So that is 23 years of personal opinion that I don't think most people will be able to argue with but of course if you read this put forward your opinions cause this is a blog and it really feeds on your opinions, ...

    Updated 01-16-2013 at 12:22 AM by Earthquake

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  2. UnderFED and Hungry: Dolph Ziggler

    In the great abyss of data, information and sheer EVERYTHING that is the World Wide Web nothing stirs the cauldron of controversy and debate like some simple blogger offering an opinion. See…even reading this you suddenly have an opinion concerning my opinion about opinions! Does it ever end? All kidding aside what is a blog for anyway but to offer comments, opinions and share information? ...
  3. The Biggest Feuds: When The World Stops Pt. 1

    Hulk Hogan v Ultimate Warrior
    Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold v the Rock

    The three above collisions defined the WWF/E during certain times. The feud was everything that summarised the era which they occured.

    There have been gazzillions of other feuds, but these three, from a wrestler standpoint, have been the showpiece.

    First of all, ...

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