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  1. Another WrestleMania 29 Predictions

    Welcome to Da Blog i will give my predictions and thoughts on what will go down at Metlife Stadium.

    Da BLOG: Presents Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

    Wrestlemania 29
    Metlife Stadium
    Attendance- 89,634

    Match 1- Singles Match
    Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler
    I think this is most likely going to happen i mean theirs not really that much going ...

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  2. Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was! Part 1

    Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was

    Hey Guys & Dolls
    With Wrestlemania soon upon us, I felt this inner urge to book MY event and show upon the world the realistic wonders that could have been.
    Please remember this is my combinations about what I'd like to see, what was realistically possible, and what would draw money!
    I encourage you to leave comments
  3. The Splash: Who Will Be WWE's Next Big Thing

    Welcome back Splashers. This past week John Cena had removal of bone fragments or spurs in his right arm this past weekend. While it was a mild operation, Cena is expected to appear at Hell in the Cell. I read the interview with a former member of the WWE creative team: Court Bauer posted by Ryan Clark. ...

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  4. My last event as a WWE fan

    Hi everybody, this isn't some overreaction. I decided that this year's Wrestlemania would be the perfect way to bow out of being a pro wrestling fan. If the show lived up to the hype there is no doubt I would be eating my hat and watching tonight's raw and invested for the future. Luckily I am okay with leaving this show behind. I try to defend WWE time and again from the barracking that the IWC ...

    Updated 04-02-2012 at 10:24 AM by The Next Big Thing

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  5. My Top 15 WrestleMania Matches: Pt. 1 of 2.

    Hey Splashers, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I want to thank wrestlingfan66513 for giving the opportunity to participate in Blog Wars KOTR Edition. Secondly I’d like to give props to Hitman for winning this Blog Wars.

    When it comes to wrestling Pay Per Views, there is always one ...

    Updated 12-28-2011 at 06:45 PM by Rick Starr

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  6. The Problem with The Rock v Cena

    After reading DK Wrestling Savior’s blog entitled “The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?” I began to think about how the ‘upcoming’ Rock vs. Cena match at Mania. Many people are comparing this to the epic Rock vs. Hogan match from ‘Mania 18, however there are some glaring differences that I can see, but for now I am going to concentrate on what I consider to be the greatest. The lack ...

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  7. Matches I expected to see by now AKA dream WrestleMania blog

    Hello folks, thought I'd give a little write up about some things I have always expected to see in big ppv's. Pretty much matches, some of which I have thought would have been perfect for an already legendary rivalry that would just be an extra thing to spoil us. Match types that I am surprised haven't been taken advantage of that I always thought that would have been epic.

    Does ...

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