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  1. Jake Jeremy's Triple Threat - Dolph Ziggler: Cheerleader, Champion & Beyond

    Hello community, I am here to present a new Blog with my thoughts and opinions on both WWE and TNA's current product. I have recently been an article writer for (you can find my articles on that site under Editorials - The 3 Count) and have come over to the site as this is a more opinion-based site with a wealth of original content, thanks for reading ...

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  2. Why Sheamus should lose the title now

    So in the recent Smackdown episode, Alberto Del Rio has won the no1 contenders fatal four way match to be up against Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. I have to say I was surprised he won the battle royal, with the apperant feud happening with Rey Mysterio, a one on one between them would've been the guess but it looks like ADR is still going to be after the title.

    On to

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