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  1. Wrestling with Me: TNA to the next level


    Just a quick blog documenting what TNA needs to do stay in business and more importantly excel. I've ran wrestling companies successfully so know what I'm talking about. In a nutshell TNA needs to raise profile and uncomplicate everything, this means sack all talent who don't fit into a directly division or benefit the company by just being there. This would be namely; Gunner, ...
  2. Weight classes in WWE

    IMO, I think weight classes in WWE would help to make the product more interesting and a lot more believable. To help identify my point, remember back when Rey Mysterio had the WHC. I like Rey a lot, he's put on great matches, classics even in WWE and WCW. But I'm sure more people than not will tell you it just sounds a bit ridiculous when you hear "weighing in at 175 lbs. the World Heavyweight ...

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