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  1. Taking the venom out of Undertaker vs Sting

    Hi all, quiet day at the office and have been fervently trawling all posts and blogs and a few comments regarding Taker and Wrestlemania have got me thinking. It is fair to assume that Taker will make a comeback/return to the ring in the coming months leading up to ‘mania, and as usual the BIG question is ‘Who will try and end the streak?’.

    It is no secret Taker is in the twilight ...
  2. My Thoughts on MCW, The Hardys, The Muppets, and More

    Don’t you guys hate it when you write a perfectly acceptably blog, and for no reason it doesn’t get published? It almost gives you a form of writers block, because you can’t get past that blog. I’ll explain my situation. I wrote a blog on the new series: Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship ...
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