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  1. My Thoughts on WWE's No Blood and No Head Chair Shots Policies

    One of the biggest issues some have with WWE is that there is little to no blood seen in WWE nowadays and if there is, they delay the match to stop the bleeding. Now first off I want to state that I am a fan of Wrestling and have been for over 10 years now and I do enjoy the affect that blood brings to matches.

    Many people will blame the lack of blood ...
  2. PG in a blender. WWEs marketing lie.

    EDIT(Since comments keep coming to me in one way or another not understanding my article, I must point out, this article is not AGAINST "EDGY" WWE content, it is only trying to prove the point that those who say we need a new Attitude Era need to realize we are already in a non PG era. Please take that into consideration before PM'ing me that I am against new edgy content. Thank you. ...

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