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  1. "WE the People" Need More People?

    In the vast universe that is professional wrestling there are many topics and characters that spur debate and set the forums ablaze with opinions. Over the years there has been many storylines and personas in the WWE “ripped from the headlines” and presented to stir the caldron of controversy all in the name of sports entertainment. From the turncoat Sargent Slaughter to Muhammad Hassan…from ...
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  2. WWE Issues That Need Fixed ASP!

    Hey been a wrestling fan my whole life. Only time I didn't watch it was while I was in Iraq with USMC between the years of 03 to 07. I have noticed some things that just irritate me about the WWE as of latly. Things that could go well for the show or prevent them from losing it if they fix it.

    Team Hell No- Well Hell is one way too put it. That is where I feel like I am while watching ...

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