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  1. Mock Storyline Leading Up To WM30

    Mock WM30 Storylines:

    Storyline One (Main event):

    Cena and Orton wrestle to a stalemate at the Rumble. Lesnar beats Big Show but in a shady way. And Batista wins the rumble by last eliminating Daniel Bryan. This leads to Lesnar still claiming to be the number one contender, but Cena also saying he deserves
  2. Start Stop: The new way of keeping us interested?

    Start and stop:
    Do you remember back in the day when Brett and Shawn historically feuded over a span of years? Or when Hogan and Andre battled it out?
    Why were those feuds so memorable? What did they have that is lacking today? Well here it is; They were believable.

    Far too often in todays market the WWE expects us, "the universe" to believe that two guys hate ...

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  3. STORYLINES: How To Build A Superstar

    I have some more ideas for this STORYLINES format for blogs, depending
    on the response I will put them out.

    This is about the storyline of making Shawn Michales a legit main
    eventer. His road to his first WWF Championship. It's about the booking and storylines used to get him to that level.

    The Back Story:

    Shawn became ...

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