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  1. Top 10 moments: RVD's career

    One of a Kind, whole fn show, I'm talking about Rob Van Dam! The buzz and excitement about RVD returning to WWE. How can I not have a blog about one of my favorite superstars of all-time? Let us get more hyped and excited for RVD's return with this edition of top 10 featuring: RVD's top 10 moments in his career!! RVD's been wrestling since the early-mid 90s, so how can I possibly cut it down to 10? ...

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  2. Raw 6/17/13; A Huge Improvement

    Lately, when I watch WWE, I've found myself missing the old days. WWE's storylines have become boring and the wrestlers need to have better characters, because otherwise, I'm not interested in them. Last Monday, I was really impressed though. The show was great.

    When Mark Henry said that he was retiring, I honestly believed him. His acting was amazing. And when he power slammed John ...

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