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  1. When Jack Comes Back

    Jack Swagger has been on a hiatus for quite awhile now. Thank God. Before he left, his matches were getting increasingly hard to watch. The "All-American American" gimmick had become too boring, stale, and tired for words. The only time he was relevant in the last two years was when he was tagging with Dolph. Even when he was U.S. Champion, nobody cared. But after Jack Swagger is repackaged, ...
  2. Top 5 Debuts/Returns in Recent History

    Hey guys, just blogging about my thoughts of the greatest returns/debuts in wrestling from recent memory. Enjoy this one as I will post the youtube link to the video of each specific return & debut. Leave Feedback.

    5. Sting's TNA Debut 06'
    This was one of the best debut's because this TNA roster addition did nothing bad for TNA. It seems as if most of the ...

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