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  1. WBC Series #10: 1,000th Raw

    What is up guys? It is time for another edition of WBC, and this week topic, is this coming Mondays 1,000th Raw. The champ Renevious will defend his title against a well known blogger on EWN, Rated_RobKO! Let's take a look at Rob's blog first!


  2. STATE OF THE 'E: My, What An Interesting Time This Is

    WELCOME BACK!!! It's been friggin' forever since I've done a blog and I've felt the need to do one since EXTREME RULES last month. Never got around to it unfortunately and with my baby being born a couple weeks ago, things have been harder than I thought!

    Either way, none of you guys care about that. You care about the topic at hand: PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINMENT WRESTLING!!


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